I wish to make
feathers of your troubles
carry them over the horizon
and drown them lovely
somewhere                                                out of sight

that they may return
as unresolved waves
to caress weary feet
then leave as desperate
as they came

as by then you’ll be far                           far away
singing in the distance
and only I will know
how it was you came
to be set                                                       free


Flight is temporary

Lying on grass with palms upturned, legs outstretched
I focus on my stomach curving towards the sun

then lowering itself into the earth.
In this way it is similar to a bird’s wing

which must mean that I know what it is to fly.
And when sitting upright I notice my chest rises

each time I inhale, that every exhalation
leaves my body a little softer. Somewhere else

a man is flying on a hospital bed
his family huddled around, candy floss soft

until the hollow hum of the finish line
serves as a reminder that flight is temporary.

birds landing

New Clear Weapons

There’s an idea
that new clear weapons
will be the next step
in modern warfare.

They won’t cost
£31 billion to make
and can be built
and deployed in minutes.

100% safe in the wrong hands
100% safe in the right hands
they cannot be sold to corrupt regimes
by regimes swallowed by corruption.

They don’t recognise the words
collateral or damage
they don’t require bullets, detonators
gritted teeth, iron fists or red buttons.

There will be no mothers
bent double over debris.
There will be no mothers
bent double over debris.

There will be no nausea
vomiting or hair loss
no increase in cancer
no increase in leukaemia.

Opponents (also known as war heads)
claim to represent workers
they’re set to launch a legal challenge
this may resemble a weapon.

Peace activists, surprise advocates
predict a hypocenter of love
lifelong pacifists blink back tears
all their lives they’ve never fought

for anything, but this.

war heads

The treasure arms couldn’t keep

I realised he’d changed for the better
something about the way
his soles left the ground
speaking of her his words blossomed
into a twirling flame
a heat only love could bear.

Symbolic is the way one chapter ends
as another story begins
cruel is that fact
forever is the way she’ll watch over
as her planted seed grows new memories

never forgetting the treasure
arms couldn’t keep.